"We want to support healthier working. These new designs will keep people moving for years to come."

IKEA Ideas - 4 new ideas to improve your work space

1. Sit and stand at your desk

Too much time sitting is a health worry, so take a break and start thinking on your feet with the adjustable IDASEN desk. Adjust the height manually or through an app, which you can also use to set height preferences, sit/stand reminders and goals. The table top is contoured to support wrists and forearms, while a cable net underneath helps keep the surface clear.

2. Choose an office chair for life

Make your comfort at work a priority. Combining classic style with modern ergonomics, the ALEFJALL swivel chair features a weight-compensating tilt mechanism that encourages movement and boosts circulation, plus you can adjust the height, seat depth and backrest for maximum support. Made from high quality metal and leather, it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

IKEA Ideas - 4 new ideas to improve your work space

3. Engage body as well as mind

Take an active approach to seating. As well as being height-adjustable, the TROLLBERGET sit/stand support swivels and tilts in all directions, helping to strengthen your core muscles, free up your spine and improve your posture. Like the swivel chair and sit/stand desk, it’s approved for office as well as home use.

4. Use storage to create calm

Keep papers – and your mind – in good order with the IDASEN metal storage cabinets and drawer units. Designed to make workspaces calmer, they have rounded corners for a gentler appearance and soft-closing mechanisms to reduce noise.

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