IKEA Ideas - 3 ways to organise your desk

1. Maximise space.

Use add-on shelves or a hutch for display, storage and a clearer worktop. If there’s room in the desk’s legs, use it! Mix stackable, see-through boxes with lids for easy-to-lose tiny things, and sturdy paper boxes for bigger stuff. Bonus? This child’s desk actually adjusts to adult height.

IKEA Ideas - 3 ways to organise your desk

2. Separate essentials.

Put an insert in your desk drawer and sort your supplies once and for all. A magnetic knife rack and containers creates out-of-the-way homes for your phone charger and earbuds. A DIY calendar with blackboard paint and tape gives your to-do list front-and-center space.

3. Go overboard.

Create space to contain everything by surrounding your desk with shelves. (Yep, even in legs.) Use solid-coloured, matching boxes to hide things away. Glass vases and jars can show off a few lovelies.

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