3 ways to organise your desk


In need of desk refresh? Whether it’s back-to-school time or just time to unlearn an old habit, check out our desk organisation ideas. Boxes, magnets and shelves can help clean your desk, so your mind’s clear and ready to work.

IKEA Ideas - 3 ways to organise your desk

1. Maximise space.

Use add-on shelves or a hutch for display, storage and a clearer worktop. If there’s room in the desk’s legs, use it! Mix stackable, see-through boxes with lids for easy-to-lose tiny things, and sturdy paper boxes for bigger stuff. Bonus? This child’s desk actually adjusts to adult height.

IKEA Ideas - 3 ways to organise your desk

2. Separate essentials.

Put an insert in your desk drawer and sort your supplies once and for all. A magnetic knife rack and containers creates out-of-the-way homes for your phone charger and earbuds. A DIY calendar with blackboard paint and tape gives your to-do list front-and-center space.

IKEA Ideas - 3 ways to organise your desk

3. Go overboard.

Create space to contain everything by surrounding your desk with shelves. (Yep, even in legs.) Use solid-coloured, matching boxes to hide things away. Glass vases and jars can show off a few lovelies.