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Time for something new

Having led a footloose and fancy-free life for a while, this mother and daughter wanted to make their latest move more intentional. Many mood boards, colour swatches and budget spreadsheets later, here's where they've landed: in a cosy and curated farmhouse-style cottage, where the memories they've picked up along their many adventures are displayed for all to see.

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Ideas - Home 3 - Kişiye özel alanlar

Islands of alone time

Ideas - Home 3 - Küçük bir kır evi mutfağı

The little farmhouse

Ideas - Home 3 - Uygun bütçeyle modern bir kır evi görünümü elde etmek

Ask a designer: modern farmhouse on a budget

Ideas - Home 3 - Huzurun hakim olduğu çok yönlü bir oturma odası

A refreshing bedroom makeover

Ideas - Home 3 - kır evi havasına sahip yeni bir yemek odası

A fresh dining area with farmhouse charm

Ideas - Home 3 - Bir tasarım uzmanına sorun: Minimalizm

Say hello to the farmhouse look in your hallway

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