Home Essentials

Home essentials for the summer

Enjoy your summer by bringing your living space to the open air and decorating your home with colorful lanterns, plant pots and flowers. You can carry the foldable table and chairs anywhere you like or have a fun picnic with friends and family with hammock, picnic hamper and barbecue.

Home essentials for children's room

Every corner of your home becomes a new discovery area for your child as soon as he/she starts walking. Windows, doors, sockets, drawers, tables and pointed corners can all be a threat for a child who tries to satisfy his curiosity. With PATRULL children's safety products, you can take action against home accidents while your child is playing at home and exploring safely.

Home essentials for cooking

When cooking in the kitchen, we usually compete over time and try to bring out both delicious and practical dishes in a short time. Our biggest helpers such as spice grinder, garlic press, can opener, pastry brush, peeler, colander, salad spinner, measuring cups and kitchen scale help us save time and energy in the kitchen. Finally you'd need a food container set to keep your food organised.

Home essentials for tableware

With the help of dining essentials, your table will look complete and beautiful.

Home essentials for the kitchen

With smart solutions such as pot lid organizer, cutlery stand, interior organizers, and a flexible chopping board, you can make wonders even in small kitchens. It's up to you to use a tablet stand to watch movies while working in the kitchen.

Home essentials for decoration

Plants in your home not only clear the air and give you peace but at the same time they are an important part of home decoration. Using plant pots of different colors and sizes is a nice way to decorate your indoors or balcony. For a finishing touch, use a few colorful candles and candle holders.

Home essentials for home organising

The more organised your wardrobe and chest of drawers are, the quicker and easier it is to find what you're looking for. Group, separate and place your items considering how often you use them. While using interior organizers for your drawers, blankets for the living room go in a basket, books, DVDs, magazines in boxes, boxes on wall shelves or in the bookcase, and everything that comes to mind from shoes to toys, you can box them up.

Home essentials for the bathroom

Even a small bathroom can be functional with IKEA's practical solutions such as a towel rail to hang your towels and also your clothes, an absorbent micro fibre bath mat, a door hanger for bathrobes and bags, baskets and a hanger with pockets for small accessories.

Home essentials for the living room

Living room is the most functional room where you spend some quality time with your family, socialize with your friends, and relax. Find your remote control easily by the remote control pocket, tuck in a soft blanket while watching a movie, put whatever is on your hand down on the pedestal or side table and keep your mug close to you on the armrest tray. Now, everything is ready for you to relax.

Home essentials for home office

Your desk is one of the fastest dispersing areas. With IKEA's practical and functional solutions, you can work without getting lost in paperwork, stationery and cables. You can now start working without a distraction thanks to the wheeled storage unit, notice board, desk organiser which holds your pens, scissor, ruler and mobile telephone together and a letter tray to keep your paperwork in place.