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Three shapes,
three caps,
lots of possibilities

Usually you cook in a saucepan, serve it in a bowl and save the leftovers in a food box. But what happens if you use the same vessel for the whole procedure? And just by changing caps, change the entire function? This is the flair of IKEA 365+ food storage series.

Now it's time to make life easier!

Food containers with lids

Even though the IKEA 365+ Series of food ranges vary in volume and material, they come in three different forms; round, rectangular and square. As long as the shape is the same, they work equally well to all boxes and because the caps have different properties, they create a variety of different uses.

The lids

A lid keeps the food fresher for a longer period of time and can help you reduce the amount of plastic or aluminium foil needed in the kitchen. There are three materials used for the IKEA 365+ lids: BPA-free plastic, silicone and bamboo. The plastic and silicone lids are both safe to use in the fridge, dishwasher and microwave. The bamboo lid can also double as potholder when you are serving hot food. It brings a warm and natural look to the table.

The plastic lid helps the food stays fresh for a longer time thanks to the aroma-tight seal of the snap-and-lock lid. The lid is safe against leakage and frost damage, making it ideal for both carrying food and storing leftovers. Transparent lid lets you see what's stored inside.

The Bamboo lid is perfect for dry food that you want close at hand, like the healthy breakfast cereals you want the family to discover first thing in the morning.

The silicone lid is vacuum tight when you put it on a can and therefore keeps the food fresh longer and preserves both cold and heat. The lid can also be used as a dishwasher safe in the oven and microwave.

Saklama Çözümleri

"When we developed the series, we made home visits to families in France, China, Russia and Germany. Interviews with the families showed that the flow of food storage must be simple. The entire chain of events, from raw materials being brought home, to the food being cooked, eaten, saved and maybe becoming a lunch box, needs to flow together smoothly. It can involve things like using the same food container for several steps and just changing the lid."

David Granath, IKEA Product Designer


Whether you prefer plastic or glass, you can completely vary between shapes and sizes. Round cans are more enjoyable for sauces, pots and soups, while the rectangular may fit better in the bag or make it more efficient in the fridge and the pantry.

Glass food containers
Made of oven-safe glass the food container can be used as a serving dish.The transparent container makes it easy to find what you are looking for, regardless of where it is placed.

Plastic food containers
Made of durable plastic the food container is easy to carry in the bag and stackable when empty.

Both glass and plastic food containers are microwave and freezer safe; and can be washed in the dishwasher.

The accessories

With the round and rectangle holder for container of IKEA 365+ Series, you can use your shelves more efficiently.

Saklama Ürünleri

Take advantage of the full potential of the pantry.

Even if your pantry is packed with cans and drawers, there is often an unused surface between the foods and the shelf above them. With the IKEA 365+ holder, you can easily place the drawers under the shelf and make use of all this space.