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What is IKEA BUSINESS? What are the services it offers?

Creative and practical solutions to meet your tastes are waiting for you at IKEA stores, offering thousands of high quality and practical furniture and accessories with beautiful designs, at low cost. IKEA stores offer a wide range of models for any product you may need, from office cabinets to lighting fixtures, swivel chairs to tables. The IKEA Business Sales Department helps you decorate your business easily in your tight schedule.

Who does IKEA BUSINESS serve?

We serve offices, restaurants, day care centers, educational institutions, dormitories, hospitals, stores, and businesses operating in similar areas.

What are the advantages of IKEA BUSINESS services?

IKEA Business offers discount advantages, support in product selection, stock tracking for products that are unavailable in store at the time of your order and notification when they arrive, flexibility to order via e-mail and fax. You can take your time with your work while we gather the products you  ordered and store them until delivery.*

* You can contact IKEA BUSINESS staff for detailed information.

How can I get an IKEA BUSINESS Card?

You can apply for a card by filling out the BUSINESS Card Form on the web site www.ikeakurumsal.com

What are the discount rates offered by IKEA BUSINESS?

You can get discounts on all purchases made with IKEA KURUMSAL Kart.

Discount at Check outs:
0 - TRY 4,999 => 3% discount
5,000 - TRY 9,999 => 4% discount
TRY 10,000 or more => 5% discount

Delivery discount (in-city):
3,000 - TRY 10,000 => 25% discount
10,000 - TRY 19,999 => 50% discount
20,000 TRY or more => free delivery

** Weight charges apply for deliveries in excess of 1000 kg.

Assembly Discount:
For purchases between 0 - TRY 9.999 the assembly service will be calculated as 9% of your invoice.
For purchases of TRY 10.000 and above the assembly service will be calculated as 7% of your invoice.

Documents required for IKEA Business Card:

For private companies:
A copy of the tax chart, TR Identity Number

For firms:
A copy of the tax chart, a copy of the certified resolution for signatory authority, authorisation document printed on the firm’s letterhead stating the persons authorised to make purchases on behalf of the firm (stating a maximum of 3 names)

You can send the documents with the signed card application form, to the relevant store via mail, e-mail, or fax. You can visit www.ikeakurumsal.com for online IKEA Business Card applications.

Can I use IKEA Business Card for my online purchases?

Customers with a registered IKEA Business Card can use their IKEA Business Cards for online shopping.

What are the payment options and advantages when I use IKEA BUSINESS services?

You don't have to come to our stores to pay, you can pay:
* Via bank transfers or EFT
* Via Credit Card Payment Order

Or if you'd like to come to our stores, you can pay:
* In cash
* With a credit card

İş Bankası* and Yapı Kredi** credit cards provide interest-free 3 installments for furniture and home accessories purchases up to TRY 250, and interest-free 6 installments for purchases above TRY 250. IKEA Business Card owners are provided interest-free 9 installments for furniture and home accessories purchases above TRY 250, paid with İş Bankası* and Yapı Kredi** credit cards.

HSBC***, QNB Finansbank**** and Paraf***** credit cards provide interest-free 3 installments for purchases. IKEA Business Card owners are provided interest-free 6 installments for purchases at or above TRY 250, paid with HSBC***, QNB Finansbank**** and Paraf***** credit cards.

Payments using credit cards issued by banks which are not covered in the campaign will be processed as single payment.

For all İş Bankası Maximum feautred credit cards, Maximum Card, MercedesCard, Maximiles, Is’te Universiteli and business credit cards.
** For all Yapı Kredi credit cards except World Eko Worldcard and for all Albaraka, Anadolubank and TEB personal Worldcard. Vakıfbank Worldcards are not included.
*** For all HSBC credit cards.
**** For all personal and business cards issued by QNB Finansbank.
***** For all Paraf, Parafly, Parafree, Virtual, joint, business, Paraf Esnaf and Paraf Kobi cards.

Does IKEA BUSINESS offer delivery and assembly advantages as well?

If you need any help with the delivery of the products you bought, we can arrange for their delivery to your home through our contracted delivery company at low cost. You can also get a delivery discount for purchases made with your IKEA Kurumsal Kart.

Most IKEA products are designed to be assembled easily. However, if you prefer, we can provide you the assembly service by IKEA team at low cost.

Does IKEA BUSINESS serve all cities?

You can place an order via phone or e-mail  to our Business Sales department at the nearest IKEA store. Our Business Sales staff will contact you as soon as possible. 

Do I have to visit a store to place an order through IKEA BUSINESS?

You can place orders using e-mail, phone, or fax.

How can I reach IKEA BUSINESS department?

Business sales teams are at your service at all our stores.

Their contact details are provided below:

Ümraniye Business
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mahallesi
Balkan Caddesi No:62 Ümraniye - Istanbul
Tel: 0 (216) 528 05 55
Fax: 0 (216) 528 05 60

Bayrampaşa Business
Forum Istanbul, Kocatepe Mahallesi Çanak Bölgesi
34030 Bayrampaşa - Istanbul
Tel: 0 (212) 443 00 00
Fax: 0 (216) 528 05 60

İzmir Business
Kazım Dirik Mahallesi 372. Sokak, No:34
35030 Bornova - İzmir
Tel: 0 (232) 498 08 00
Fax: 0 (216) 528 05 60

Bursa Business
Yeni Yalova Yolu Üzeri Bursa Şehirler Arası Otobüs Terminali yanı, Alaşar Mahallesi,
Osmangazi - Bursa
Tel: 0 (224) 270 85 00
Fax: 0 (216) 528 05 60

Ankara Business
Anatolium Ankara Alışveriş Merkezi, Akşemsettin Mahallesi, Doğukent Caddesi No:215/A-1
39658 Mamak - Ankara
Tel: 0 (312) 371 77 00
Fax: 0 (216) 528 05 60

Kartal Business
Anatolium Marmara Alışveriş Merkezi Soğanlık Yeni Mahallesi, Soğanlık D-100 Yan Yol Cd.
34880 Kartal İstanbul
Tel: 0 (216) 586 50 00
Faks: 0 (216) 586 50 01

Antalya Business
Agora Alışveriş Merkezi Altınova Sinan Mahallesi, Antalya Caddesi No:14
07170 Kepez - Antalya
Tel: 0 (242) 505 55 00
Faks: 0 (242) 505 55 01

Bodrum Business
Avenue Alışveriş Merkezi Merkez Mh. Atatürk Bulvarı No: 25/29,
Konacık - Muğla
Tel: 0 (252) 363 95 62
Faks: 0 (252) 363 98 32

Adana Business
M1 Adana Alışveriş Merkezi Yeni Mh. 87071 sok. J Blok No: 13/A
01200 Seyhan - Adana 
Tel: 0 (322) 271 07 90
Faks: 0 (322) 271 07 07


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