Shopping at IKEA

Why are the plastic bags charged for a fee?

Plastic bags will be charged for a fee at the check outs. We aim to save water and energy with all the plastic bags that are not in use. 

What is the Mechanical Sales System?

The mechanical sales system refers to serving yourself. In other words, you can go at your own pace in our store, which is organised in a way that makes your shopping easier, and then take delivery of the products you like at the specified self serve area. The point is to involve you in the process and reduce the costs, which is then reflected in our prices. You play a big role in our affordable prices! 

Why do I need less staff assistance at IKEA stores?

Because IKEA stores utilise Mechanical Sales System. Every piece of information you’ll need when shopping is available by the product on display, and on the price tags of the products on shelves. The prices are easy to check, and you can collect your product yourself, from the section specified on the price tag. If you need help nonetheless, the sales team will be glad to help.

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