Return Policy

When will the refund show up in my account?

Returns are processed within 14 days following the return of the product(s), and refunds are issued in the same payment method as the original payment. Under normal circumstances, the refund will show up in your account within 2-5 work days; subject to variation in accordance with your bank’s procedures.

What should I do if I discover damaged products after taking the delivery?

If you wish to request an exchange for damaged or faulty products after taking the delivery, the Customer Services department will ask you to send a photo indicating the damage or defect of the product. If the review of the case concludes that the problem was not caused by the consumer, the product will be replaced. The copy of the invoice must be sent with the product to be replaced. The return request section on the front of the invoice must be filled in completely, and signed. In the case of invoices issued for corporate customers, the return or exchange can be processed only with the return invoice issued by the corporate credit cards.  

What should I do if I notice damaged products at the time of delivery?

You should refuse the damaged products and ask the delivery staff to take a written record. Such products will be replaced within 14 work days. In such cases, you will not be asked for further delivery charges or product fees.

What should I do if I notice missing products at the time of delivery?

If there are missing parts of the delivery, you will be asked to receive the existing products, and take a written record of the problem. Then you can call us on 444 4 532 or by using the "Contact Us" form.

What should I do if incorrect products are delivered?

If the delivery contains incorrect products, you should not take delivery of such products, and take a written record of the problem on the delivery note. You can contact us using the ‘Contact Us’ form or dial 444 4 532, for any return or exchange requests concerning your order.

What should I do to return products that I have purchased online?

If you are not satisfied with your shopping for any reason, first thing you need to do for the return of your product / order is, to send us your request within 14 days from the date of receipt. You can follow the steps below to create a refund request.

1. Go to the "Orders" page from the "My Account" section on and IKEA Mobile application.
2. Click the "Return Request" button next to your order.
3. If you purchased the same product more than once, select the number of items to be returned.
4. Answer the questions “Is the product unpacked?” and "Has it been assembled?" for products that require assembly.
5. Select the reason for the return and for the “Defective Product, Incorrect Product and Damaged Goods” options upload the product photos by clicking “Upload Photos” showing the defect of the product.
6. Click the "Continue" button and create your return request.
7. Note the return delivery code on your screen. You can also access your return delivery code from the "My Orders" page and the notification e-mail sent to your registered e-mail address.
8. Put the printout of your IKEA e-archive invoice or the dispatch note that came with the order all in one package with the products to be returned. You must fill and sign the Return / Exchange request form located at the bottom of your IKEA e-archive invoice or dispatch note. (The return code must be taken separately for each delivery and the packages must be prepared and delivered separately.)
9. Deliver the package with the return delivery code to the delivery company of your choosing within 7 days. Simply provide the code and you do not need to specify a return address. In case you have passed 7 days, you must get the return delivery code again. This period is 10 days for high-volume product returns.
10. For the return of your high-volume products, delivery company will be directed to your address to receive the products. You can see this information on the screen that appears after creating a return request and in the notification mail sent to your e-mail address.

After we receive your returned products / order, IKEA evaluates their compliance with the return conditions.

What should I do to return the glass products I purchased online?

For the return of your glass products, you can create your “Rreturn Request” on the "Orders" page from the "My Account" section. Once your return request is received, the compliance of your request with the return conditions is evaluated and you are informed by the Online Store Customer Service staff within a maximum of 48 hours.
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