IKEA Picking With Delivery

If you want us to pick your furniture and have it delivered to you, we offer a combined in-store picking with delivery service. *Picking with delivery for selfservis products are TRY 75. (For Self-Service Products)

IKEA Kitchen Measurement Service

Before planning your new kitchen the integrity of measurements is crucial. If you prefer, our experienced IKEA team can visit your home and provide you the measurement service.

TRY 125 for in-city address.

Measurement fee will be refunded as soon as you buy the kitchen.

IKEA Delivery Service in Store

If your car is not big enough and you want your products to be transported to your address, we can help you at low cost.

In-city Delivery Service

TRY 50for purchases up to TRY 1.000,

5% of the total price for purchases for TRY 1.000 and above.

Out-of-city Delivery Service

TRY 50 up to 150 km and TRY 500 TRY

60 over 150 km and up to TRY 500

10% of the total price up to 150 km and TRY 500

12% of the total price over 150 km and TRY 500

Exclusive Delivery Service for Sofas and Armchairs

In-city Assembly Service

TRY 50 for purchases 00 - TRY 1.000

5% of the product price between 1.001 TL - 2.999 TL TRY

250 for purchases TRY 3.000- TRY 5.000

* No delivery service is provided for live plants, small and fragile and similar sensitive products.

*For products with glass content and mirrors, delivery service is provided only when the packaging fee is paid

* Out-of-city deliveries are delivered to the customer's address door and provided with cargo service for furniture and accessories.

* Opportunity corner products are delivered with no guarantee.

* Delivery service is given over the actual sales price of the product.

IKEA Assembly Service

However, if you prefer, our assembly team can provide you the assembly service in place and at low cost.

You can add the assembly service to your shopping list together with the products at the kiosks in our stores, and you can pay for the products with assembly service from the check outs. You can also get this service from the delivery and assembly desk with the original IKEA invoice or products.

After purchasing your products from the store, you can also purchase assembly service online at

In-city Assembly Service;

75 TRY for purchases up to TRY 750

10% of the total price for purchases for TRY 750 and above

There are regional differences in the pricing of the assembly service.

IKEA assembly service is under a warranty for 2 years from the date of assembly, provided that the product is used in accordance with the terms of use.

Assembly service is provided over the actual sales price of the product.

Kitchen Assembly Service;

If you prefer, our professional IKEA team can assemble your kitchen at home at low cost.

In-city Kitchen Assembly Service;

300 TRY for purchases up to TRY 3.000,

10% of the total price for purchases for TRY 3.000 and above

*When the kitchen assembly service is purchased for TRY 4.000 and above, the delivery of the kitchen products will be free of charge.

You can purchase the assembly service for the products you want, with your IKEA invoice number even after you leave the store or your products are delivered to you.

Gift Card

IKEA Gift Card can be used for furniture and home accessories purchases from IKEA Turkey stores. IKEA Family Point application is not valid for IKEA Gift Card purchases. You can get detailed information from IKEA Customer Service.

*Gift cards are non-refundable. Not valid for online purchases. It is not mandatory to use it at once..

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