Collection Point

From which store can I get my order?

You can collect your order from one of the nearest IKEA stores listed by the delivery address you have chosen. This service is available at Bayrampaşa, Ümraniye, Kartal, Ankara, Bursa, İzmir and Antalya stores. There is no click and collect service at Bodrum and Adana Pick Up Points.

Why can’t I see Click and Collect service on the shopping basket page?

This service is only available for delivery addresses given within the provincial borders of our stores and near cities.

How much does Click and Collect cost?

The fee for this service will be:

TRY 50 for purchases up to TRY 1.250
4% of the total amount of the order for purchases above TRY 1.250

For how long can I collect my order from the store?

After you choose the store where you want to collect your order, you can pick it up from the store on the day and time period you selected. If you do not collect your order within 24 hours on THA collection day and time you have chosen, your order will be cancelled.

What do I need to collect from the store?

Please keep your ID, your order information with collection day and time and the screenshot of the digital order confirmation email along with you. These documents will be checked by the relevant department.

Where in the store can I collect my order?

When you arrive to collect your order, follow the Collection Point (Mağazadan Teslim Noktası) signs at the store.

How can I cancel my order placed with Click and Collect option?

You can send your cancellation request by calling the IKEA Call Center or via Contact Us page

Which products are included to Click and Collect service?

This service is provided for all products in stock of Online Store and the store to be collected.

Will there be a difference in price for products purchased with the Click and Collect service?

There is no price difference between stores, except for the sale periods. You can check the latest prices of the products in your basket before you pay.
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