YPPERLIG Collection

By combining materials, colors and production techniques, YPPERLIG is a collection of basics adapted to modern needs and wants. The collaboration done with the Danish design company HAY presents YPPERLIG including a wide variety of products, from larger pieces such as sofas and coffee tables all the way to smaller accessories like an updated version of the iconic blue IKEA bag.

YPPERLIG Collection

The beauty of basics

Plank tables have always been a big part of Scandinavian furniture tradition. So it came as no surprise that HAY wanted to create a modern take on it. Using the latest board-on-frame technique that offers extra durability, combined with solid wood legs and a metal under frame, the outcome is a stable, white stained ash veneer table with a clean and natural look.

“One of our darlings in the collections is the “monobloc chair” that’s made with an injection mould – a mould in the shape of the chair that’s then filled with a single shot of liquid plastic. The shot takes around 30 seconds, and what comes out is a beautiful, comfortable, and strong yet light chair. We liked it so much that we made dining chair model, and a lower lounge chair too.”

"Rolf and I always describe HAY as a place between architecture, fashion and art. Our furniture is very linked to architecture, and the accessories for fashion."

Mette Hay, co-founder of HAY

Sofa by day, spring mattress at night

Sometimes, what look simple is actually rather difficult to achieve. Like with the YPPERLIG sofa bed. The team wanted a product that offered more than good looks, meaning a really great night’s sleep. They solved this by using a spring mattress as the seat. The result is a well-designed sofa that offers around-the-clock comfort and convenience.

Good renewal

Considering that the IKEA bag is one of the most recognized IKEA products in the world, Mette wanted to give it something new while still honoring the original, so without changing the size or material she worked with the colors and the weaving patterns. The bag comes in different colors, and the team also made a version that’s extra durable due to the nylon strap going all the way around the bottom of the bag.

Slim lamp

HAY designed a lamp that is extremely slim, therefore had to be made in a completely different way from other IKEA lamps. Slim LED-lamp with a built-in touch dimmer that lets you adjust the light with just the touch of your finger. It also gives you a good, non-glare light that can be directed to where you want it thanks to the adjustable head.

YPPERLIG Collection

Mette and Rolf Hay are the duo behind the Danish design agency HAY which was founded in Copenhagen in 2002 and specializes on creating furniture with an eye for modern living using advanced industrial production. The Hay duo attracts inspiration from architecture, fashion and art, and the things they make have a simple and functional yet beautiful design.


Complete with colorful textiles.

Textiles are a big part of the YPPERLIG collection. Most of the cushion covers have different patterns on each side, making them extra playful and versatile, and are an affordable way to add personality and softness to a room.

YPPERLIG Collection Products

dark red
58x38 cm
dark green
130x170 cm
dark red-dotted
50x50 cm
dark red-striped
50x50 cm
dark blue-dotted
50x50 cm
light grey
130x170 cm
130x170 cm
dark blue-striped
50x50 cm
dark red-light green
28x20 cm
light green-dotted
50x50 cm

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