STOCKHOLM 2017 Collection

Inspired by Swedish modern life style, the carefully curated collection is designed to easily blend in with what you already have at home and made from natural and tactile materials such as rattan, hand-blown glass.

The first STOCKHOLM collection was launched in 1984. Each new collection is different from previous ones, but they all share some common characteristics: Scandinavian modernity of the highest quality in form, function.

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STOCKHOLM 2017 Collection

A velvet sofa for family comfort

STOCKHOLM 2017 sofa is big and generous, deep and lined with lots of cushions. Actually, it’s less of a sofa and more of a nest for the whole family.

STOCKHOLM 2017 Collection

"It has a new color scheme, a dark, Nordic blue that’s inspired by water, which is always cold. The fabrics and cushions are inspired by the shimmer in water that’s come from the cold sea, as well as a cold winter’s night sky, while the orange takes inspiration from a burning sunset."

Slowly, perfectly

The world seems to be moving fast, travelling, communicating, shopping, socialising, working, cooking and even eating is at a faster pace than ever before, thanks to accessible technology. In recent years, “slow living” has become a worldwide phenomenon that includes everything from parenting and cooking to fashion. The new STOCKHOLM 2017 Collection brings forward and celebrates the slow pace as the quality and values that come out of both making things slower and living more slowly.

STOCKHOLM 2017 Collection

Handmade for the many

As part of Swedish heritage the hand-blown glass is also the traditional way of crafting glass. Every carafe, bowl and serving bowl is handmade and mouth blown by a skilled craftsman and therefore unique.