Live It!

Loaded with positive energy, IKEA's new collection IKEA PS 2017 is designed for free-thinkers who refuse a work-eat-sleep-repeat life and choose freedom and the possibilities that come with it.

Bringing urban life dynamics to indoors IKEA PS 2017 shouts "Live it!" which is an expression that demonstrates words of encouragement to enjoy life to the fullest, freeing people to furnish their spaces however they wish, both in terms of function and looks.

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IKEA PS 2017 Koleksiyonu
IKEA PS 2017 Koleksiyonu
IKEA PS 2017 Koleksiyonu
IKEA PS 2017 Koleksiyonu

Moveable, adaptable, changeable furniture

IKEA PS 2017 is all about freedom at home, choosing things that let you make the most out of life. Things you can easily pick up and move within a room or from home to home. And furniture that frees you up instead of weighing you down.

"The idea is to create a collection that is for the young, urban generation living in the city — a collection that could be moveable, adaptable, changeable, to suit their new needs at home."

James Futcher, creative leader

Light it from any angle.

Easily adjustable in direction, height and angle, IKEA PS 2017 lightings are for floor, table, wall and ceiling. The chargeable flashlight in a cage is a practical solution for those who live mobile; carry it, hang it, put it on your table or just use it as a flashlight.