LUFTTAT ice cube tray, black

Colour black

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Product Information


Height: 5 cm

Length: 15 cm

Width: 15 cm

Key features

This ice cube tray is perfect when you want to put large ice cubes in your children's beverages or chill water in large dispensers, for example in VARDAGEN jar with tap.

You can make your drinks both more festive and more tasty by freezing things like fresh fruit, lemon slices or mint leaves in your ice cubes.

The ice cube tray also works for shaping tasty chocolate candy together with your children.

The ice cube tray can also be used to freeze portion-sized meals, both practical and a way to reduce food waste.

Good to know

Break the ice at the party and serve your drinks ice-cold. LUFTTÄT ice cube tray gives you extra-large ice cubes – you can freeze mint leaves, fresh fruit or lemon slices in them to flavour the drink.



Bu ürün birkaç paketten oluşmaktadır.
Paket Sayısı: 1

Paket No: 1

Genişlik: 15 cm

Yükseklik: 5 cm

Uzunluk: 15 cm

Ağırlık: 0.11 kg

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