Time to renew the tableware!

IKEA Tableware

Enrich your tableware's look with new brass sets.

You can make your dining table look deluxe with the elegant and stylish brass colored TILLAGD cutlery set while preparing for your guests or yourself.

IKEA Tableware

Along with the tablecloth and the matching serveware set you can transform your dining table into a visual feast by choosing the right accessories such as napkins, napkin holders, candle holders and coasters.

VARDAGEN for a timeless table setting


Black, white and beige make VARDAGEN Series look simple but elegant whether you have a table setting for friends and family or a formal dinner.

Made of durable stoneware and tempered glass, VARDAGEN Series tableware is a 'timeless' tableware with a traditional style, soft and round shapes.

Set your table with your style

From breakfasts to romantic candlelit dinners, reflect your style with different serveware that covers everything. You can personalise your dinnerware by combining plates, bowls and glassware with different styles so that your table always has your personal touch.

Presentation wizard

A nice presentation is one of the golden keys when it comes to setting a beautiful table. For simple snacks or a big family dinner, you can always treat yourself and your guests by serving the dishes and beverages on plates and serving bowls in different sizes, or in colorful trays, or even on a chopping board.


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