Enjoy eating in the open air.

Take out your plastic plates, cups and cutlery, fill your vacuum flask, grab your basket; we're going for a picnic.

Yeni Sofra Ürünleri

After preparing your appetizers and sandwiches, place them into food containers with tight lids and put them altogether in the metal picnic hamper. When you're done eating you can stack the food containers inside one another to save space.

Barbeque works fine, too.

Colorful and appetizing presentation

Yeni Sofra Ürünleri

Decorate your summer table with colorful, floral tablecloths and paper napkins to make an appetizing presentation for yourself and your friends. You can bring freshly baked cakes to the table on a beautiful serving plate or a cake carrier, and serve fresh lemonade in colored trays.


Aprons for every size.

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