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There are endless ways to season your salad with spices, but before it gets too complicated, you should try Hayfene Salad Spice! Even when you think about our blend of sumac, garlic, thyme, mint and rock salt, your mouth will be watering. Our mix, which will make you feel the fresh air of the Mediterranean, does not contain any artificial flavors or MSG. With Hayfene's guarantee of fresh taste and superior quality, it will be inevitable to be delicious for your salads. In addition to salads, it will take your cold pasta appetizers, chicken and boiled vegetables to a different dimension.

Keeps fresh in a cool, dark and dry place until its expiration date.


Ingeredents: Sumac, garlic, oregano, mint, sea salt

This product was produced in the same line as celery, mustard sesame and nuts.

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