Enjoy while decorating your home.

Start to experience the joy of the new year at home since it's time for big plans and exciting beginnings. After all, the most fun part of the new year preparation is to decorate the christmas tree and other parts of the house together, especially with your kids.

Spread the new year spirit everywhere.

Make the new year feel on every corner at home by decorating your living room, dining table, door tops, walls and windows with shiny tree ornaments and accessories. Don't limit yourself with interior adornment, take it to the next level and move the wreaths out to decorate your door. Your guests will love the warm welcome.

Better presentation with stylish candle holders.

Enlighten with STRALA.

STRALA lamp shades give your home a warm and welcoming atmosphere when combined with a cord set to hang it from the ceiling or with a lamp base to use it as a table lamp. you can be surrounded by the whimsical light of STRALA in the shape of stars, hearts, boxes, rabbits, squirrels, and in various colors and patterns.

Yeniyıl Aydınlatma

Well-earned relaxation corner

Yeniyıl Hediye

Conjure up a soft chill-out space where you can take a little break for a nap or a book. A space with curtains in deep colors, fluffy cushions, cosy rugs, soft and warm blankets. Decorate the background with LED lighting chains to give a little fairy dust effect around you.