LADDA rechargeable battery, brown

Article Number: 203.038.74

You can use these batteries for all types of products...

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Package Quantity: 4 pack

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Package quantity: 4 pack

Key features

You can use these batteries for all types of products. Batteries with a low energy capacity (low mAh number) are particularly useful for products with a low energy consumption, such as remote controls, computer mice, keyboards or solar-powered products.

The battery is ready to use.

Good to know

WARNING! Keep battery out of reach. To swallow a battery could be fatal. If this happens seek medical attention at once.

You can recharge these batteries approx. 1500 times.

Voltage: 1.2V.

Battery capacity: 1000 mAh.

Life time: approx. 5 years.


Steel, PET plastic

Environmental Responsibility


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