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Rugs put a natural frame around each piece of furniture, bring cosiness and comfort, dampen sound, help show your style and treat your feet to some softness. Large ones define the seating area in the living room, runners soften your step in the hallway.

Choosing the right rug can sometimes feel like a challenge. There’re lots to factor in, lots of decisions to be made. Try out our new application to ease your selection and choose the right rug for you.

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        Use the rugs to complement the decoration of your room.

        A clean welcome by the door mat.


        Door mats welcome you into your home while keeping the dirt stay at the door. They keep your floors and carpets cleaner. Most of the doormats have anti-slip backing which keeps the rug firmly in place on the floor and reduces the risk of slipping.

        Let the rug do the talking.

        Choose a rug that goes well with your sofa. While deciding the color and style, also consider whether you want to have the sofa standing on the rug or not. A large rug gives a well-composed and cosy impression because it has room for a whole seating group. A medium-size rug is another alternative, on top of which you can put the front edges of the sofa and armchairs.

        Complete your rug with STOPP anti-slip rug underlay for enhanced safety and comfort.