Color your bedroom with new textiles.

Open your eyes to a new day and feel the positive energy of the bedroom textiles in colorful flower patterns. The bed supports your body all through the night, soft, cotton sheets and bedlinen help you start the new day refreshed.

Spirit up your sofas with multicolor cushions.

Spirit up your sofas with multicolor cushions.

Start the spring change from your living room. For the easiest way to make a change you may consider getting new cushions or renewing your cushion covers. Complete your living room by changing your curtains and rugs.

Change the look of your room with new curtains.

Keep the outside elements, like sunlight, noise and curious eyes, out with curtains and reveal your style at the same time. When you want your room to have a different look just change your curtains, it's easy as it sounds!

The softness under your feet

By framing your furniture, the rugs bring cosiness and depth, help show your personal taste and treat your feet some softness. You can combine several LANGSTED rugs with same or different colors and sizes depending on your space.