Colorful FJALLA organizers on your desk

FJALLA storage boxes and magazine files can help organise any space in your home, from the office to the living room and the bedroom too. There are different colours and sizes to choose from, so whether you’re sorting papers, stationary, cables and small objects to be used some time in the future can all find a place to stay.

Just box them!

Ev Düzenleme

Sports equipments scattered all over the room, shoes piled up on the shoe rack, gardening tools forgotten in some corner in the garden... Boxes are the fastest and easiest solution to overcome this mess.

PARKLA box is perfect for seasonal clothes, shoes and bedlinen. It saves a great deal of space when folding flat. You can also use it as an under bed storage for your throws, blankets and pillows.

Stylish storage with baskets

The baskets are practical storage for everything from magazines to 'do it yourself' materials, from bills to photos. The baskets have handles which make them easy to pull out and lift them up.

Easy organisation for your clothes

Ev Düzenleme

The MULIG coat stand and MULIG rack with hooks help you keep your clothes organized even in the smallest of spaces. Offering the basics you need for sorting and storing, MULIG stands by with your clothers and accessories ready for you.