Make your desk a place you want to be.

We discover something new every day while we work. Create a comfortable workspace for new projects and ideas to bring to life. After all, the best place to work is the place you are most comfortable with. A functional desk, height adjustable swivel chair, a storage unit next to your desk, a bookcase to complete the workspace and right lighting are the essentials to make your workspace a place you want to be.

Personalize your storage with SKADIS.

Make your life easy with SKADIS multi-use boards and parts such as hooks, boxes, shelves, roll holder, clips and more. You can make as many different personal commbinations with SKADIS peg boards as you need.

Cheer up your workspace with accessories.

Keeping your workspace organized and in check makes working efficient and helps you find out what you are looking for quickly. A work lamp, magazine files, pen cups, letter tray, and other accessories are the complementary to workspaces. Adding accessories to your taste brings in the personality to your work and also gives inspiration. It's a surprise when the inspiration comes from after all.

Studying is more fun!

It doesn't always have to be boring to study, do homework, or make a project. You can turn your room into an inspiring space that you can both work comfortably and have fun. The PAHL desk, has a simple design and three adjustable heights, offering an ergonomic working posture, to make it easy to create a personalised workspace that can be used for many years to come. PÅHL desk can be extended with specially designed add-on units for storing or displaying anything from pens, papers and even the toys.