LOMVIKEN photo frame, aluminium

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Product Information


Picture without mount, width: 40 cm

Picture without mount, height: 50 cm

Picture with mount, width: 30 cm

Picture with mount, height: 40 cm

Mount opening, width: 29 cm

Mount opening, height: 39 cm

Width: 1 cm

Height: 1 cm

Picture, width: 40 cm

Picture, height: 50 cm

Passepartout inside meas. W: 1 cm

Passepartout inside meas. H: 1 cm

Frame width: 40.5 cm

Frame height: 50.5 cm

Key features

Available in different sizes.

The frame can be used horizontally or vertically, whichever suits you or your picture best.

Can also be used without mount, to take a larger picture.

Front protection in durable plastic makes the frame safer to use.

Good to know

Screws are sold separately; choose screws which are suited to the material.

Clean with a duster.



Front protection:Polystyrene plastic


Back panel:Wood-based panel

Environmental Responsibility


Bu ürün birkaç paketten oluşmaktadır.
Paket Sayısı: 1

Paket No: 1

Genişlik: 42 cm

Yükseklik: 2 cm

Uzunluk: 52 cm

Ağırlık: 1.07 kg

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