Feel the new year joy early.

A christmas tree set up in a corner with colorful and glittering ornaments on, sparkling LED lighting on its branches, under it gift packages for everyone with wrapped ribbons and labels on them, wreaths adornings the walls and doors are more than enough to revive the new year spirit, no matter what day it is.

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Little details to customize your decoration

Candles to set mood

Create a cosy feeling with IKEA candles at home anytime, without waiting for a special invitation. Fruit and spice-scented candles, LED block candles, new year candles and candlestick models to suit them make your living space more enjoyable.

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Build your mini garden with green plants and plant pots.

Your home art gallery

Fill your home with beautiful memories you always want to remember. FISKBO frames are modest design and light that can be used vertically or horizontally on the table or the wall. Whatever you choose you can turn your home into a gallery full of happy memories.

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