A golden touch in the hallway

IKEA's new KAMPIG rack with hooks can be used to hang your clothes and accessories, also adds a golden color to your hallway, especially in small spaces. The hooks can swivel so that you can adapt them to what you want to hang up.

Be organised with smart solutions.

A compact solution for coats and shoes

In the morning rush hour, every minute counts. So you don't have time to waste hunting for your keys or favorite scarf. And when you're back at home, you don't want to lose a second to jump into your comfy sofa. IKEA's smart solutions for clothes and shoes storage will make your life easier and get your hallway tidy.

You can use an open shelving system with different combinations that offers clever and flexible storage solutions in your hallway as a coat rack, a shoe rack or a wardrobe.

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Don’t get lost while looking for a shoe.

When you have too many of them, pairs of shoes can get split up and lost from each other if you don't get them organised. By keeping your shoes in a shoe cabinet that doesn’t take much space in your hallway, you can easily find your shoes and speed up your exit.

A clean welcome by the door mat.

Door mats welcome you into your home while keeping the dirt stay at the door. They keep your floors and carpets cleaner. Most of the doormats have anti-slip backing which keeps the rug firmly in place on the floor and reduces the risk of slipping.