Practical and traditional style hallway furniture that welcomes you home

It is very easy to organize the entrance of your home with the traditional style HEMNES hall furniture. It eliminates clutter without taking up much space at the entrance of your home and saves you time. When your clothes and shoes are in front of your eyes and at hand, you can speed up your time out of the house.

Big storage space for small spaces

Shape your dreams with IKEA Planners.

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JONAXEL Open Shelf Planner

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KALLAX Open Shelf Planner

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BOAXEL Open Shelf Planner

Hallway tricks for happy mornings

A standing mirror allows you to quickly look at your clothes when leaving the house, and the hooks you hang on your wall keep your belongings organized when you leave the house. This can save you a few minutes in the morning.

Ideas for living with roommates

7 home organisation ideas for a smoother everyday flow

Getting ready for the day is much easier when you don’t have to search through clutter to find your things. Here are some ideas that will save you time, reduce your stress and make your home more harmonious.

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