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Dining Tables

For sharing meals and being together

Whatever and wherever you eat, make every meal a special occasion with our range of dining tables. Mealtime is time for reflection. For looking into each other's eyes, talking about what's important to you, sharing your news, and really listening. And when you sit down to do that, you need to make sure everyone can sit comfortably. High chairs for children, padded seats for those with a passion for long conversations, and extendable dining tables to make more room for friends.

light antique stain/white stain
118x74 cm
light antique stain/white stain
74x74 cm
chrome-plated/high-gloss white
135x85 cm
light antique stain/grey
67/134/201x78 cm
açık antika vernik - siyah
85 cm
185 cm
125/188x85 cm
75/115x70 cm
light antique stain black-brown/Vittaryd beige
dark brown/Orrsta light grey
120/180 cm
high gloss white
185x90 cm