Space to share all: Dining Room

Dining rooms are the perfect space for family breakfasts, dinners with friends, homework, travel plans and many happy moments to share with your loved ones. You can turn a big dining table into a hobby table where everyone plays games, and creates new things.

There's always a chair for everyone at IKEA!

IKEA Dining Rooms Sandalyeler

Practical and functional folding chairs for small spaces, chairs with armrests to sit on for a long time while studying, space-saving stackable chairs, and children's chairs that allow them to sit at the appropriate height can make your dining experience more comfortable.


For sharing meals and being together

Whether you eat in the dining room or in the kitchen meals are more delicious when they're eaten together. What makes the mealtime more precious is that everyone can sit comfortably. Dining table and chairs should be the right size and of your favorite style. That's why we have functional solutions as extendable dining tables for more people and wall mounted table or drop-leaf table for smaller spaces.

There's always a chair pad for every chair.