Healthy and practical cooking with OUMBARLIG

Yemek Pişirme

You may not be very gifted to cook like a chef. With stainless steel OUMBARLIG cookware set, comprises of 3 and 5 litre pots, a 2 litre saucepan and a frying pan with 28 cm diameters, you can cook any food in more healthy and practical way. The base with a thick aluminium layer between two layers of stainless steel, reduces the risk of food burning and sticking.

Food storage to keep the food and the flavour

The food storage solutions in help you reduce the waste by placing them where you can see and therefore consuming it on time. You can combine glass or BPA-free plastic containers with bamboo, plastic and silicone lids and use them as serving plates if you wish. The glass containers are oven-safe and don't pick up tastes or smells from the food they hold. Plastic containers weigh less, can take accidental falls without breaking and are easy to carry with you. They’re both safe to use in the fridge, freezer, dishwasher and microwave.


Preparation accessories to make life easier

With the right cooking accessories like grater, garlic press, whisk, colander, peeler and fruit garnishing set you can make preparation step easy and fun.

Right tools, faster preparation

Make it easy with kitchen textiles

It may sometimes be hard to keep your clothes and the worktop clean while cooking. This is when durable and soft kitchen textiles such as tea towels, aprons and pot holders come in handy.

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