Make cooking easier with functional products.

We compete over time while cooking tasty and practical dishes in a short time. Choosing the right pans, pots and kitchen utensils make your life easier in the kitchen. Finally you'd need a food container set to keep your food organised.

IKEA Winter Sale
IKEA Winter Sale

Glass food containers to store for a long time.

Cam kavanozlar

Use jars to store your dry food, jams, pickles, yogurd and nuts for a long time. Food storage container that's made of glass is a healthy way to store your food without losing their taste and nutritional value. The see-through storage containers in the cabinets or in the fridge are practical since they let you tell at a glance what's inside of them.

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Pots that make cooking easier

VARDAGEN pots are made of stainless steel, which makes them durable and easy to clean. The thick base gives an even and energy-efficient heat, which reduces the risk of food burning and sticking. The graduated interior makes it easy to measure up liquid directly in the pot.

To make the most delicious desserts

Soft and long lasting textiles

The cotton and linen blend VARDAGEN combines the softness of cotton with the shine and firmness of linen. The high quality and hard-wearing tea towels soak in the liquids quickly and have a soft feel.

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