Let the sand playing begin!

IKEA Yaz Ürünleri - Kum Oyuncakları

Would you like a freshly shaped cake? Or a bowl of ice cream? And they are all made of sand! Whether you are at the seaside or in the sand pool. sand playing is the indispensable game source that promotes children's physical development and stretches their imagination, and also the greatest indication of summer. Let your children play, create and have fun while playing with sand buckets, shovel, baking set and other sand toys.

STUVA: A wardrobe that grows with your child.

When children and their clothes grow, STUVA can grow with them. The STUVA changing table becomes an activity table where the child can have fun with toys or crafts. As time goes by, you can transform the play table to a comfortable desk where the child can sit and do the homework. When you need an extra storage for sport equipments or toys, add a drawer under the STUVA bench. STUVA comes with doors and drawers in different colors so it’s easy to change the style of your child’s room and adapt it to their changing taste.

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The bed that gets bigger
as your child grows!

At this growing age, your child has probably outgrown his/her cot. This is when MINNEN extendable bed is perfect for your child.

MINNEN extendable bed can be pulled out as your child grows so he/she can sleep comfortably and safely.

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A safe place to grow up together

Children are always on the go, playing and learning new things. They also need a place where they can sleep or relax and take in their impressions of the day. It can be a secure space near the parents, or a place they can call their own, with all their own things.

Changing tables to cabinets

Designed for your baby's safety and your comfort, the changing tables let you keep all the necessary items within arm’s reach thanks to the drawers and shelves. You can prolong your changing table by using it functionally, turn it into a play area and later a desk as your child grows.

ANTILOP the practical highchair

IKEA Çocuk Kampanyası

Having your baby sit on a highchair and eat at the same table with you helps them develop social and eating skills. ANTILOP highchairs are so easy to assemble and disassemble the that you can carry it anywhere you want and stack as many as you need.

Make the school time enjoyable.

Children need a space of their own where they create, study, do homework and play. Create the best workspace for your children with height adjustable furniture and colorful accessories to encourage and inspire them so that they can both have fun and learn.

Okula Dönüş Kampanyası

The MALA series has everything your child needs when creativity kicks in. Let them paint, cut, draw on the paper, the wall, the board or anywhere. It’s all about having fun and letting your child explore the world through their own imagination.

PYSSLA Series helps the child develop fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination by arranging the beads and puzzles. Doing a puzzle helps develop your child’s logical thinking and fine motor skills while learning more about shapes and sizes.

TROFAST: Flexible storage you can adapt to your needs

Children need room to play and good storage for their toys, so they can find what they’re looking for and tidy up when they’re done. That’s why TROFAST Series with sturdy wooden frames and lightweight, removable plastic boxes lets your child slide out, carry and put them back again all on their own. TROFAST storage solutions can be easily customised by combining different size of frames and shelves to adapt your child's needs and this make them flexible.

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