Home essentials for children's room

Every corner of your home becomes a new discovery area for your child as soon as he/she starts walking. Windows, doors, sockets, drawers, tables and pointed corners can all be a threat for a child who tries to satisfy his curiosity. With PATRULL children's safety products, you can take action against home accidents while your child is playing at home and exploring safely.

Sweet dreams and safe sleeping

A good sleep is essential for your baby's development and also is one of the hot topics for parents. Durable, stable and safe cots and well ventilated mattresses that keep your baby dry, help your little one sleep well. As your baby grows quickly you can place the cot base at two different heights and then later remove one side. The drawers under the cot are also practical for storage.

0-2 Cots
Vyssa Sonmat

Mattress for cot

Long lasting latex is excellent at relieving pressure and makes it easier for your baby's body to relax. The air canals allow air to circulate and help keep the mattress dry, fresh and cool, also it fits all our cots.


Multi-functional changing tables

Designed for your baby's safety and your comfort, the changing tables allow you to keep all the necessary items within arm’s reach thanks to the drawers and shelves. You can prolong your changing table by using it functionally, turn it into a play area and later a desk as your child grows.

TROFAST: Flexible storage you can adapt to your needs

Children need room to play and good storage for their toys, so they can find what they’re looking for and tidy up when they’re done. That’s why TROFAST Series with sturdy wooden frames and lightweight, removable plastic boxes lets your child slide out, carry and put them back again all on their own. TROFAST storage solutions can be easily customised by combining different size of frames and shelves to adapt your child's needs and this make them flexible.

100% cotton, 100% better sleep


Learning while playing

Children discover the world around them by playing. Our safe and fun toys designed for different ages, motivate children to develop fine motor skills, social skills and logical thinking through role play, imagination, creativity and movement.

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