Enjoy while changing the decoration.

As the new year approaches bring some festive mood your rooms, doors and shelves with red, green and gold-colored sparkling accessories. Now you can get a TRY 25 gift voucher for every decoration product purchase of TRY 75 from IKEA stores and TRY 25 gift coupon for every decoration product purchase of TRY 75 at IKEA Online Store between November 16 - December 16, 2018.

Welcome to the winter garden!

The charming effect of candles and candle holders

75 TL'ye 25 TL Hediye Çeki Kampanyası

Immerse yourself in soft candle light while having a romantic dinner, meditating or just relaxing in a soothing corner of your home. Candles and candle holders for any day and any occasion will change your mood like a magic touch.

Frames for your favorite moments

The best moments of your life, your childhood, graduation, marriage, birth of your child and all the other deserve a frame of their own. Spread your happy memories all over your home with frames of different sizes and styles.