From sofa to bed.

It's your turn to take the time to relax! Sit down and lie down as you wish to make yourself comfortable. NYHAMN sofa can be converted into a spacious bed quickly and easily, thanks to the click-clack mechanism. The space under the sofa provides a storage for your bedlinen and pillows.

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Sofas' best sidekicks, the side and coffee tables

The small but effective elements of the living room, the side tables always stand ready on the edge of sofas and next to armchairs. The light yet sturdy LACK side tables are easy to assemble, so you can start using it immediately.

FRIHETEN: Sofa by day, bed by night

The sofa, chaise longue and double bed, are all in one in FRIHETEN Series. They’re easy to convert from sofa to bed and back by just pulling out or pushing in the under frame. And you can keep bed linen and other accessories in the practical space under the chaise longue.

Simple solutions for a stylish bedroom.

IKEA'da çılgın şubat indirimleri

A bedroom is the best place to finish the day and start the new one. The harmony of the furniture in your bedroom, where you spend the most peaceful hours of the day, also has a relaxing effect. Plain and functional furniture neatly tuck away almost anything to save time and space.

MALM: Plain and harmonious

MALM chest of drawers of different size and colors, can be used together for many years as they're designed to match with each other. MALM is perfect choice when planning your bedroom that fulfils your needs.

A bed that is more than it looks

March Offers

A child's room is a private space for not just playing, but to express themselves, daydream and have social time with friends. Designed for kids aged 8 and up, the SLAKT series is a perfect solution for siblings who share a room or friends that come over for a slumber party. You can add smart functions to SLAKT bed frame by combining it with seat module, storage box or an underbed.

Clean, organized look with squares.

Vertical or horizontal, one on another or side by side... Whichever you prefer to use, the practical and simple design of KALLAX shelving unit let you find a place for everything you want to display. You can personalize your KALLAX with drawers, boxes and other organizers, while adding new functions to your shelving unit.

You can also create your own personal solution with EKET Series which is a modular storage cube shelf and cabinet combination in different colors.

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