A room that meets your child's needs

A room where your baby sleeps peacefully, plays happily and discovers the world through activity helps him/her develop easily. A cot usable in different height positions for your baby's safety, a changing table that can easily be converted to a cabinet, and an extendable bed are both functional and long lasting because they grow as your baby does.

MAMMUT children's chairs on sale!

Designed for small children to sit at and play, draw, do crafts, the colorful MAMMUT chairs are on sale at IKEA during February.

The individual comfort and style comes with STRANDMON armchair

February Offers

When it's time for a coffee break place your armchair right next to the window or close to your child when it's time to play. STRANDMON armchair's high back provides extra support for your neck and help you relax.

Decorate your walls with frames.

Set your photos free from your phone or computer and spread your happy moments by displaying them in every corner. Frames with different colors or collage frames are perfect accessories when it comes to decorate your home with smile-inducing mementos.

*The campaign is valid between February 4-28, 2019. The products are limited while stock lasts.