Meet the practical TISKEN Series.

Forget nailing, drilling or even using any tools to hang your accessories like towels, toothbrush, shower basket in your bathroom. Thanks to the suction cups, TISKEN products stick on flat surfaces as glass, mirrors and tiles which is also practical to remove without leaving any ugly holes or marks.

Organized bathrooms with NORDRANA

Kış İndirimi

NORDRANA baskets and organizers are perfect for small accessories like hand towels, cosmetics and toiletry to keep them tidy and organized. Each NORDRANA basket is handmade therefore unique.

IKEA has everything you need for a perfect shower experience.

The IKEA showers are fully coordinated, with everything you need for a great shower experience: The thermostatic shower mixers come with “cold touch” feature which stops the surface of the mixer bar getting hot. Also anti-scald technology prevents water from getting hotter than 38°C so it's safe for children and older members of the family. The head and hand showers come with different spray functions.

All IKEA showers are equipped with water and energy-efficient shower heads and hand showers thanks to the pressure compensating function that reduces water and energy-use by up to 30%.

Functional solution with HEMNES storage bench and towel rail

Natural bamboo touch in the bathroom

Perfect for small bathrooms RAGRUND shelf units and towel rails save spaces while bringing a breath of nature thanks to the bamboo's durable structure and natural material. You can complete the natural look with DRAGAN series, also made of bamboo, of box set, toothbrush holder and soap dispenser.