Renew your workspace for new ideas

All students need a place of their own that responds to their different needs from studying to socializing, hobbies, and rest. A workspace consists of comfortable, organized and functional furniture help your child build big projects and create new ideas.

MICKE's 'hardworking' solutions

The functional MICKE desk provides an ideal workspace with features designed for laptops and desktop computers and drawers where you can store your favorite school materials. MICKE desk has an open back panel that lets the air in so you can keep exploring the world on your laptop without it overheating. The back panel also keeps any cables or cords in order, and the drawer stops hold the drawers in place.

Redecorate your workspace with accessories!

The swirlvel chair, star of the work space

An ergonomic adjustable chair provides a comfortable seating position, you can sit down for a long time without having the need to stand up.

Fill the squares as you wish.

The KALLAX shelving unit provides a functional storage solution for increased number of books and accessories during the school year. You can use the KALLAX shelving unit as a bookcase by placing it horizontally or vertically, and organize with interior organizers such as shelf dividers, wire baskets and boxes to keep your accessories at hand.

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Build your personal library with BILLY bookcase.

BILLY Serisi

Choose from BILLY bookcase models to create your own personal library where you can keep your books, files, magazines, and other documents in order for a long time. Available in different size options, the BILLY bookcase fits easily into any room and you can adjust the shelves according to your needs.

BILLY's shelves are adjustable so you can save space easily. Shallow shelves help you use small wall spaces effectively by placing small items in a minimum of space.

Keep your desktop organized with new accessories.

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