We welcome candidates compatible with IKEA culture

IKEA Turkey’s employees are humble, willing to accept responsibility, and highly-motivated people who believe in team work. Having fun at work is crucial for us. That is why even though there are countless reasons for working at IKEA Turkey, when asked why they are here, our employees universally respond: “The work environment is really enjoyable!”


We learn from our mistakes

IKEA culture has this saying: "To err is human. Everyone can make mistakes." We believe making mistakes is yet another way to improve ourselves and learn.


We provide career opportunities to enable transformation

Where available, we create different career opportunities for the employees we consider as having potential in terms of IKEA’s retail operations.


Transfer from one store to another

IKEA Turkey offers various career options at its Head Office and 5 stores in 4 cities and proceeds on a track of growth. To us, transfer from one store to another is a natural career track.


We leave our ego behind

We do not need extravagant titles or exclusive rooms. We expect our employees to leave their egos behind. This ensures faster, more effective and more enjoyable work as a team.


You can learn everything on your own

If you enjoy learning a job and taking initiative without waiting for the assignment of a particular responsibility, IKEA Turkey is right where you should be.


IKEA Turkey is a huge family

The people you work with are also your friends. Whenever you feel the need to share something, you can find thousands just like you, for this is, among other things, a huge family.