Important information about the use of real leather

Animal health and welfare is always one of IKEA's priorities. Believing that all animals should live a stress-free life, be able to exhibit their natural behaviour, and should be free of any pain in case of industrial use, IKEA carries out pioneering work to draw attention to the issue on a global scale and to support the achievement of high animal welfare standards.

From this point forth, all leather used in the manufacture of IKEA products are derived from the food industry. The animal leathers that do not have any use in the food industry are purchased by IKEA to be evaluated in manufacturing. IKEA does not make direct use of any animal for the production of real animals.

In addition to this, as mentioned above IKEA makes regular visits to its suppliers to ensure that the animal rights values are being applied by the suppliers as well.

Furthermore since September 2016, IKEA has been able to track the sources of real animal leathers that it uses in its production. IKEA continues to work on this subject and aims to realize a supply chain that can be traced back to the farms where the leathers of animals used in the production.

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