Drawing Competition Winners

Drawing Competition has drawn to a close. Here are the winners!

For the second year in a row, we invited children to design a special limited soft toys collection. In countries all around the world children made up the most fantastic creatures. In total over 52.000 drawings was part of the drawing competition. Out of all the wonderful contributions the jury has now settled on ten winners aged from 4 to 9 years of age.

The winning designs are every bit as fun and imaginative as you would expect. Among the 10 winners we find a warm and happy soft toy sun,
a red “wannabe-scary” monster, a round and cuddly pink “punk-horse”, and lots more.

Drawing Competition Winners

Irmak,  5 years old

Naurazka Salsabila,  9 years old

Maïa,  6 years old

Drawing Competition Winners

Salma,  8 years old

Chutirada,  5 years old

"Is it a kitten wannabe lion? It looks like when playing in front of the mirror, making faces, fluffing the hair and getting a little scared of herself!”

Bodil Fritjofsson, product developer Children's IKEA, IKEA of Sweden

Drawing Competition Winners

Amina,  6 years old

Yik To,  7 years old
Hong Kong

Lukáš,  6 years old
Czech Republic

Drawing Competition Winners

Miro,  7 years old

Léonard,  6 years old

Drawing Competition Winners

About the ten winners

Bodil Fritjofsson, product developer in Children’s IKEA, comments on the ten final drawings: “There are so many creators out there. The world will not lack potential future artists and designers, some of the drawings are real pieces of art. The event creates opportunities for children to be creative and get to draw their dream toy and that opens up their fantasy, which really shows in the art.“

The selection criteria are that it is never seen before, that they are really sprung from a child’s fantasy and have unique expressions. We received thousands of wonderful contributions from all around the world.
“The amount is overwhelming! The creativity is universal, and children in all countries seem to be inspired by the similar things; dinosaurs, birds and monsters.

The personalities are really strong with their winking eyes, feet that goes in both directions and wonderful combos of features. They really draw from their own head and don’t copy from something.“

The chosen drawings will now go on to become a special limited soft toy collection, launched in IKEA stores worldwide as part of the new IKEA Good Cause Campaign focusing on children’s rights to play and develop.

For every toy sold from November 6 to January 3, 2016, the IKEA Foundation donated 3.5 TRY to support children’s rights to play and develop in the world.

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