Drawing Competition

Thank you for participating in the 3rd IKEA drawing competition to design special limited edition soft toys. We were thrilled to receive over 70,000 entries from creative youngsters all over the world! Among your many wonderful contributions, were lots of fun and unique imaginary creatures. The jury is excited to announce the top ten winning designs.

”The ten winning drawings make a lovely mixture of imaginary animals. Simply wonderful personal combinations of colours, shapes and expressions that spark my own imagination. Being part of this event is like being invited into the exciting and creative world of these children. A truly inspirational experience that brings tremendous joy.”
Bodil Fritjofsson, product developer for Children’s IKEA

Drawing Competition has drawn to a close, here are the winners!

Drawing Competition

Poland - Happy spider
“What is that sound? It is the sound of an energetic, agile and bouncy spider! It has great teeth, but friendly, with only a bit of a bite.”

Austria – Blue bird
"This one looks like a bit of ninja! It has a remarkable attitude, looking like it is holding back a fun secret. Its upturned beak and nimble feet will help protect you."

Korea - Purple monster/dragon/hedgehog
"This is like a super hero – wanting to look a little scary, but is just so sweet, kind of doing the gangnam style – a bit funky."

USA – Rainbow cloud
"Clouds are not usually known to brighten your day but this cloud certainly does! Happy, lovely colours and a happy face – we need happy faces."

Australia – Fox
"It’s so perky and awake! It’s like it is saying – I’m in, whatever you’re up to, I’m in! And we like that it is drawn completely flat – kind of like Picasso."

Germany - Crocodile
"It is so friendly and huggable, with a suspicious look on its face. You want to know what it has done and what it plans on doing next!"

Russia - Toucan
"Ready for take off! Full of action with only one foot on the ground. The large scale of the contrast coloured beak is great."

Japan - Egg shaped owl
"Kind, soft and lovely to hug, it looks like a great friend. The expression is so funny and the small, odd shaped feet are so cute."

United Arab Emirates - Fluffy lion
"A fluffy, happy cartoon like lion, looking like he’s saying “I’m on fire :-)”, ready for any adventure, but he won’t eat you. Big soft nice feet."

Bulgaria - Unicorn dog
"This dog is magical, he looks like he can both dance ballet and fly. The shape of the head and the expression is just so spot on."

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