A few tips to make the most of your shopping experience at IKEA stores! The parking lots at IKEA are free of charge; special parking spaces are reserved for disabled. Everything you'll need for shopping is available at the store entrance: Pencils, notepads, measuring tapes, IKEA catalogues, shopping carts, and yellow bags, all here to make things easier for you.

Çocuklarınızı da getirin

Bring your children as well

Shopping at IKEA stores with your family is fun. While you're shopping, your children can enjoy the free play area if they don't prefer to walk along with you in the store.

Each store supplies highchairs, organic baby food, baby food warming station and healthy meals for children in the restaurant, play area and nursing areas.

Beğendiklerinizi not alın

Take note of what you like

Use the store-in catalogues for inspiration and find notepads, pencils and measuring tapes on every corner of our stores. You can measure the items you like and use the notepads to write down the product details and the shelf numbers to find them easily at self-serve furniture area. Yellow bags at the entrance might come in handy to carry around the small items you want to buy.

Rahat olun, her şeyi deneyebilirsiniz

Test-drive your furniture

We want you to make yourself at home in our room settings, so go ahead and sit, lie down, fold out the sofa bed, turn on the lamps, feel the weight of the fabrics, pick up the dishes and open the cabinets. No one will bother you and you can always ask for help.

Fiyat etiketine bakın

Take a look at the price tag

On the price tag you will find lots of details including name, price, dimensions of the product, as well as the material used and also the shelf number where you can collect the item from self-serve furniture area.

Görevliye danışın

Contact the sales staff

You can contact IKEA staff at the sales info desks. They will be glad to guide you through the purchase process.

Yemek molası

Enjoy a lunch break

While you're at the store, take some time to relax and refresh at IKEA Restaurant and pop in for healthy, high quality and delicious Swedish and Turkish dishes at affordable prices. Our Exit Cafe offers the final temptation of hot dogs, ice cream and other snacks. Don't forget to stop by the Swedish Food Market at the end of your shopping.

Ürünlerinizi raflardan kendiniz alın

Pick the products yourself

You can find your furniture items to pick up at self-serve furniture area using the shelf number you noted down. Most of our products are packed in flat boxes. They are easy to carry; so you can take them home in your car.

Ödeme seçenekleri

Payment options

At IKEA you can pay the way that suits you best. We accept cash, foreign currencies (Dollars, Euros and Sterlin), ATM cards, Visa, Mastercard, Electron and Maestro cards.

İş Bankası* and Yapı Kredi** credit cards provide interest-free 3 installments for your furniture and home accessories purchases up to TRY 250, and interest-free 6 installments for purchases above TRY 250. IKEA Family Card owners are provided interest-free 9 installments for purchases above TRY 250, paid with İş Bankası* and Yapı Kredi** credit cards.

Akbank***, HSBC****, QNB Finansbank***** and Paraf****** credit cards provide interest-free 3 installments for furniture and home accessories purchases. IKEA Family Card owners are provided interest-free 6 installments for purchases at or above TRY 250, paid with Akbank***, HSBC****, QNB Finansbank***** and Paraf***** credit cards.

Interest-free campaigns are valid between September 20, 2018 - August 31, 2019.

Please contact Customer Services to learn about installment options with interest, provided for other bank cards.

* For all İş Bankası Maximum Cards, Maximiles, MercedesCard and business credit cards.
** For all Yapı Kredi credit cards, except World Eko Worldcard. Please contact Yapı Kredi Bankası for other banks’ Worldcards.
*** For all Axess, Wings, Free and Bank'o Card Axess and Akbank business credit cards.
**** For all HSBC credit cards.
***** For all personal and business cards issued by QNB Finansbank.
****** For all Paraf, Parafly, Parafree, Virtual, joint and business cards.

Hemen eve götürün

Take them right away

Most IKEA products are packed in flat boxes to make them easier to transport. If you like, you can take them home in your car and start using them on the same day, or you can ask for our affordable delivery service. For details, please contact the delivery and assembly desk right after check outs.

30 gün değiştirme imkanınız var

You can return your purchase within 30 days and get a full refund.

If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, regardless of the reason, all you need to do for a refund or exchange is to bring the product back within 30 days of purchase, in its original packaging, and with the invoice/sales receipt. In the case of invoices issued for corporate customers, the return or exchange can be processed only with the return invoice issued by the corporate.

Return Policy for Mattresses

It takes time for you and your new mattress to get used to each other. This is why we offer a 90 days trial period to help you decide if the mattress meets your requirements. Try the new mattress at home for 90 days. If you are not satisfied, you can return it to have it replaced with another mattress.

* Damage caused by the users is not covered. The promotion applies for only one replacement. Not applicable for children's mattresses.
** Please contact IKEA stores for all applicable terms and conditions. IKEA's general return and exchange terms apply to mattresses.

Returns are not accepted for appliances, pre-cut fabrics, plants, products purchased at the Bargain Corner, and products cut/designed with reference to your order, such as kitchen counters. The IKEA Returns Policy is an extra privilege, and does not affect the consumer rights provided in regulations.