Our business idea at IKEA is about offering thousands of beautifully designed, functional and high quality furniture and home accessories at affordable prices to make them accessible to as many people as possible. That leads to savings for all.

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Our product range

IKEA's product range is focused on selling practical and high quality designs at affordable prices. We offer decoration solutions for every part of your home and our designs appeal to every taste and style. Whatever style you choose you will notice that our designers and product development team put a lot of afford into ensuring that the products meet your daily needs and are free of unnecessary details.

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Affordable prices

The basic idea for IKEA products is to make beautifully designed and functional furniture and home accessories at affordable prices for everyone. We work day and night to make all our designs better, much more functional and definitely affordable.

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A better everyday life

The design process of IKEA home furnishing products begins with the price tag. It is all about making the most effective use of raw materials by offering high quality products at affordable prices to meet customer needs.