New products, new living spaces

With IKEA's new furniture and home accessories products, you can create new living spaces at home that matches your needs. B From living room to bedroom, hallway to home office, you can have a functional and new looking spaces by making little variations when choosing your furniture.

Make room for everyone.

The sofa is one of the core elements in your home; you can use it to relax, work, socialise with friends and even sleep sometimes. You can customise VIMLE sofa series and create anything from a 2-seat sofa to a spacious 3-seat sofa. Place the chaise longue to the left or right of the sofa, and switch whenever you like. The footstool and chaise longue also offers a spacious storage solution when your space is tight.

The best way to organise your furniture

Home organization accessories which you can easily use in the wardrobes, open storage units, drawers or under the bed, will make your life easier. Keep your favorite clothes at sight by storing storage with compartments or hangers, and other textiles and shoes in storage boxes to save space and keep everything in place.

Create the room that your child dreams of.

Children develop and grow faster in a room that fulfils their needs while sleeping, playing, creating and studying. They feel happy being in a room that supports their physical and mental development, reveals their imagination and help create their own magical world.

Light up everywhere

Pendant lamps are for bedrooms, table lamps for living rooms… These lamps make everything easy for you and create an atmossphere that makes you feel good.


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Business Sales

Your business furniture purchases are more affordable with IKEA Business Card.

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