Çizim Yarışması

For five years running, children from all over the world have scurried to their nearest IKEA store, or entered the competition online, for a chance to draw the soft toy of their dreams and have it turned into reality. This year, 87.000 amazing drawings were entered into the competition, with 6 drawings selected to be turned into the SAGOSKATT 2019 soft toy collection.

SAGOSKATT is a limited collection of soft toys designed by kids for kids. It’s part of the IKEA annual Let’s Play for Change campaign, encouraging everyone to play more for a better everyday life. 100 percent of the turnover from SAGOSKATT is donated to local children’s charities working with children’s rights to play and develop.

A jury at IKEA of Sweden select the winners, whose drawings will be turned in to real soft toys. It’s always a difficult decision and we’re always amazed by the drawings that we see. This competition really demonstrates the unique creativity that so many children possess.

“As every year, making the selection was not easy, because there are so many awesome, cute and creative drawings! When we make the selection we look for basic things, like uniqueness of the drawing, what the soft toy would bring and represent to the kids, if it’s possible to manufacture, and a strong selection that together form a great collection. What stood out this year, just like every other year, is creativity, there were so many unique great drawings!”
Bodil Fritjofsson, Product Developer Children’s IKEA

The chosen drawings will now go on to become a special limited soft toy collection SAGOSKATT, launched in IKEA stores worldwide as part of the Let’s Play for Change campaign autumn 2019.

These are the six wildly creative and most unique submissions that were selected by the jury:

Claudia, 6 years, Spanish Islands
“This tall sweet yellow giraffe with rain bow tail is looking so friendly. This soft toy will be a good friend to many children.”

Kilian, 9 years old, Germany
“A super happy friendly monster soft toy with the pink tongue hanging out. Always ready for a big hug!”

Thomas, 9 years old, Greece
“We think this blue monster is just adorable, it almost screaming out – Hello! I love you!”

Noor, 7 years old, Jordan
“Big lovely eyes and soft fluffy ears. this little mouse is always ready for party and he will cheer up every child with his happy eyes and bouquet of balloons.”

Darren Wing Hei, 5 years old, Hong Kong, China
“Bringing the rainbow all the way from the sky to the ground. Cuddly and soft with warm socks.”

Riana, 11 years old, Cyprus
“This funky robot is so cool. Great mix of soft toy and technology in an imaginable way. And still very friendly and cuddly.”